Project Evaluation

Burundi (2019): Development of the Environmental and Social Management Framework in anticipation of the reform of the school system (Agence Française du Développement)

Central African Republic (2016): Support for political dialogue and the peace process (Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue)

Democratic Republic of Congo (2021): Final Evaluation of the “Citizen Observation” and “Advancing Democratic Governance and Respect for Human Rights” programs in DRC (The Carter Centre)

Democratic Republic of Congo (2020): Governance of the Extractive Industry (The Carter Centre)

Lebanon (2021 and 2018): Mid-term evaluations of the institutional support provided by Swiss Humanitarian Aid to the Bekaa Water Establishment (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation)

Mali (2021): Feasibility study for the implementation of a program to strengthen the protective environment in Mali; institutional building and support to decentralization (SDC)

Mali (2019-2020): Evaluation of the role of the Independent Observer of the Bamako Peace Process (The Carter Centre)

Mauritania (2017): Socio-political study of the potential for intercommunity conflicts in the border regions of Senegal and Mali, in preparation for infrastructure projects (Agence Française du Développement)

Niger (2017): Evaluation of the mediation programme between pastoral and agricultural communities in the Liptako Gourma (Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue)

Pakistan (2013-2014): Evaluation of the emergency Water and Sanitation Programme in the wake of catastrophic floods of 2010, and operational support (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation)

Senegal (2019): Review of the hydrogeological knowledge of the Mauritanian-Senegalese aquifer basin in preparation for an interministerial conference (Geneva Water Hub)

Senegal (2016): Support for the negotiation and peace process in Casamance (Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue)

Southern Sudan (2016): Vocational training in Juba (City of Geneva / DGVS)

Tunisia (2013): Evaluation then refocusing of the rural drinking water supply programme in the governorate of Kasserine (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation)

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