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Hydrogeological Review of the Mauritano-Senegalese Aquifer

The Geneva Water Hub has requested early 2019 the expert advice of DROPSTONE to carry out an extensive review of the scientific knowledge related to the Mauritano-Senegalese aquifer, in order to prepare a round table with representing members of the four States sharing the same underground waters (Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia and Guinea-Bissau).

The hydrogeology of the aquifer was extensively reviewed, in particular the spatial representation of the water reserves, the water balance (infiltration versus extraction rates), the different uses for the waters, the potentials for conflict, the location of overexploitation, pollutions, and past and future projects related to the aquifer.

The findings of the review were consigned in a report and summarised for the participants. It served as a basis for the round table discussions.

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