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Rehabilitation of 15 boreholes and monitoring of underground water in Tunisia

Dropstone was providing backstopping support during more than five years to a clean drinking water programme financed by the Swiss Government in Tunisia, Kasserine governorate. It provided management and engineering support for a team of engineers in charge of the rehabilitation of 15 production, storage and distribution systems, from 2013 until 2017.

The project team was assisting the regional authorities with works planning, sites selection, local communities mobilization, contracting out detailed designs and infrastructure rehabilitation works, supervising local contractors, and also documenting good practices and sharing knowledge with the partners.

Kasserine governorate is one of the least privileged regions of Tunisia. Water resources are scarce, climate is arid and rural communities are lacking proper drinking water supply systems. The project was successful and fulfilled the needs of approximately 25’000 people through the provision of safe drinking water. Communities were trained at operating and maintaining the infrastructures.

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